Monday, 20 August 2012

More August Pic

Some pics I've taken since my last post. Enjoy!

Little man was so tired he fell asleep on the floor. :/

My marachino cherry canning adventures.  I haven't tried any yet (was told to leave them a month or so to absorb the sugar really well) but I'll share when I do. :)
I decided to process them in a baking dish of water in the oven as I don't own a canning pot.

In the oven and ready to go!

I turned them over on a tea towel to cool overnight at my Granny's suggestion and let me tell you that woman knows her canning. Every single jar was good and popped in the morning! Definitely going to use that trick again. :)
 And all that hard work made me hungry and since I couldn't eat any of the maraschino cherries I made kale chips. And they were lovely. The first batch was "cheddar" flavored I used salt and nutritional yeast (it tastes cheesy, who'da guessed?) and the second batch is ranch, I just used powdered ranch and salt.  Both were so yummy and healthy. :)

Lucy showing off her "house jacket"
 And then we had a visit from the lovely Katherine and Mladen.  Lucy LOVES it when Katherine comes to visit because Katherine spends most of the time reading to her. I quite enjoy their visits, too as I miss the days when they lived here and we could hang out all the time. ;)

 Lucy and Liam had their first sleepover, so here are a few pictures from that. :)

Liam loves to come up and play with Christopher's feet while I have him in my lap. I didn't catch the actual foot playing with though as Liam was WAY more interested in the camera once it made an appearance.

Cooking something. It was so cute to watch, Liam would blab away and Lucy would answer him and then he would blab some more and she would answer again.
 And this picture is from today.  Mr. Man in the booster seat for the very first time. I'm so tired of having the bouncy chair sitting on my dining table and figured out how to get the booster to recline a bit so it's perfect. He really likes having the tray, too so his toys don't run away as easily.

We have also really been enjoying getting to skype with my parents regularly in the past week.  Lucy love getting to talk to them and I think it is so cool how she shares things with them, tells them about her stuffies, tells them stories and remembers who they are from visit to visit. :)

And it is now 9pm, my kitchen is clean, laundry done, both kids sleeping soundly, blog updated :) and I am off to bed to hopefully get a couple hours of sleep in before the first time Christopher wakes up to be fed.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Our week

Here are some pictures from out last week or so.  We've had a lot of fun and been quite busy. The weather has also been cooler, which is has been SO nice.

Enjoying a nap on the couch. I don't remember if I posted this one before, but it's cute so I thought I'd post it again just be be sure. :)
We have been doing crafts every day for the past few days and Lucy has been having a blast. I have also been having fun going around the house and finding random stuff she can use to make her "art work". :)

Playing with the bunny and kitty. They are stamps, but she likes to pretend they are just a bunny and kitty and best friends. :)

She asked me to take a picture of the bunny and kitty so she was showing them off to the camera.

That day's art work.  She was really into puffy letter stickers that day. :)

Christopher enjoying his food. I think it was squash.

This is the face he made when I tried to give him green beans. 

Mr. Liam happy as always waiting patiently for his lunch!
We have had a couple of playdates this week so here are a few pictures from those.

Lucy at Jordon's house. You can see Jordan's little sister in the background playing with Christopher. :)

Making a craft with Selah and Auntie Vangie.

Selah holding Christopher. Every time we see them Selah asks to hold Christopher, I think she's going to make a great mommy one day.

Fascinated with sticking her finger in is soother and feeling him suck. :)
We also got to go to the pedatrician this morning.  He gave Lucy a "magic" princess ball as a good job for learning to go to on the potty and not really having accidents anymore. :)

This is us in the waiting room. I have discovered that a snack is the way to go for appointments because full hands and mouths keep small children occupied and out of trouble! :)

And this is what Lucy was doing while I did this blog post.
The baby was riding the elephant.

He started off on the blanket, and the blanket started out flat.
And last but not least, both my beautiful babies.

She is such a good sister and love him so much.  He loves her so much, too. :)


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Tough Day

 Today and yesterday have been tough days for me. I've had a migraine I can't seem to get rid of, it's been hot (my house feels like an oven most of the day), I've been really busy, and I really haven't slept well at all.  But it is good at the same time because it has really forced me to go back to trusting in God for the strength to get through it all and realize that they are short-term complaints and I have so many blessings in my life that I need to refocus on. :)  And one of the blessings at the moment is that it's raining so it's so nice and cool in my living room! I also got to spend the afternoon with a wonderful friend and her baby, and I got to hang out with Liam again (I've really missed him over the summer as he's been on vacation a lot). Both my kids are also happily in bed and I'm headed there quickly. :) So I will share a few of the pictures I've taken over the last couple of day to celebrate more blessings I have.

Silas playing with Christopher at one of our playgroups.

Lucy playing at playgroup.

Mr. Man playing at playgroup. :)

A couple from today
Christopher enjoying his first baby mummum. He was actually quite good at getting it in his mouth.

Lucy telling her sheep all about the rain outside.  She kept saying,"Sheep, see the purple rain. Where'd the purple rain go?" She's going to have so much fun with Christopher once he's old enough to teach things!

Monday, 6 August 2012

Family Camp 2012

So I'm sitting her drinking ice water, enjoying my ceiling fan, barely able to keep my eyes open from all the fun we had at family camp this past weekend. Definitely the best August long I've ever had! :)  I don't have a lot of pictures and no pictures of some things because I was super busy with my little munchkins, but hopefully we will get to go again next year and take more pictures. :)

Running in the hall with Marnie.

Taking a break.


Enjoying the playground

LOVE this shirt!!

Enjoying the petting zoo.

My sweet little man hanging with Marnie

Riding the wagon

Showing how happy she was to ride the wagon

Bouncing with another Lucy

More fun with Marnie!  She was so good with him!

Watching the zipline

Lucy hanging with the "big kids" while we wait for lunch.

Yummy camp food!

Lunch in bed. She slept through lunch so I brought her a plate. 

Going swimming!!

Riding the horse.

The helmet was way too big even with her hat underneath.

It eventually just fell off.

Petting the horse.

Telling it thank you for the ride. :)

Riding the barge.  The lady behind Lucy was so sweet and helped me a lot on Sunday so I could do stuff with the kids!

Enjoying the barge ride. :) Christopher slept for most of it.

Trying to put her feet in the water.
So that was our family camp experience. :)