Monday, 2 July 2012

Day 1 of Potty Training

We all made it though today alive and relatively unscathed.  We didn't do diapers at all this morning.  Lucy had one over night, but as soon as she woke up she has had nothing on her bum since.  I have been filling her up with as much juice and salt and vinegar chips as possible so hopefully she would pee as much as possible. :)  We started the day with a blank calendar. 

She did really well all morning. No accidents and 3 times peeing in the potty.  We even had a playdate and she still didn't get to distracted to go. :)
Hello, who are you? You're about my size, what do I do with you?

Do your hands taste as good as mine?
The two boys weren't so sure what to make of each other. :)  It's hard to believe that Isaiah is only 6 weeks older than Christopher.  There's a HUGE difference in what they can do. We had Isaiah in the jolly jumper and he LOVED it and Christopher is no where near holding himself up well enough to do that.  But Christopher did sit in the bumbo for a bit by himself. :)  After our playdate it was nap time.  Naptime was moderately successful.  Lucy went pee in the potty (which I had put in her room) before her nap, but then she also peed all over the bed during her nap.  But we got to put another sticker on the calendar because there was pee in the potty. :)  Then I spent my afternoon baking muffins.

The mess I made in my kitchen. :/

Amish Friendship Bread Starter

About half the finished product

They were delicious!  

Here's a potty picture from today. :)

For this picture she said she had to go pee and then when and sat on the potty, but wasn't going. And she just kept saying "Not working mommy, not working mommy." It was really cute.

She then went and sat in the bumbo and peed. :/ So we have no put the bumbo up out of reach until potty training is finished.  She also pooped in the yard this evening.  I took a picture just to share the experience with all of you. :)  Because I'll admit it was a bit of a shocker when she came in and told me she's made yuckies in the yard, but she did go show me so I could clean it up. :)  And I'd much rather have it in the yard than on the floor!

But in the end we ended up with 5 pee stickers on the calendar and no poop stickers. So I would call it a success.

Lucy is now in bed without a diaper, so we will see how the night goes. Her potty is in the room with her, but I fully expect to have to wash all her bedding and stuffies again in the morning.  Tomorrow we will add panties to the mix. :)

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