Monday, 30 July 2012


Here are some pictures from our camping adventure.  For the record camping with 2 small kids was not my best idea ever.  But we did have some fun, and learned a lot. :)

Sleeping on the drive out to the campground

Christopher was also out for pretty much the whole drive out there.

It did nothing but rain for most of the 3 days we were there, but the campsite beside us flooded so it provided great entertainment for the kids. :)

Mr. Man wanted to do nothing but be held the whole time. I was SO thankful to have the Ergo!

Balancing on logs with Keri and Mari

Enjoying the puddle (or lake) next door.

Laying very briefly on the ground enjoying watching the leaves

More carrying. He did sleep really well in the carrier. :)

Having a nap in the van

Ina grilling chicken on the fire. It was so yummy!

Paige playing with Christopher

He loved all the attention

She was so good with him. He would laugh and roll around.

Enjoying his toes.

Paige encouraging him to enjoy his toes. :)

Goats at the petting zoo

Baby pigs. They were funny looking because some of them were part pink and part black.

Looking at the horses

Telling me all about the horses.

Looking at the chickens and ducks.

Kangaroo. Lucy still tells me about seeing the kangaroo and it's been almost a week.

Keri having a pony ride.

She really enjoyed it.

Riding the "horse" with Keri

Riding a pony

She wasn't so sure about it all at first but ended up really enjoying it.

Watching a movie while it rained

More fun with Paige.

All bundled up to stay warm.

Watching us try and build a fire with wet wood. Ina did an amazing job, so amazing that it even kept burning for while after it started raining again.

Showing off her apple glasses

Asleep and so precious.

Stuffing her cheeks with bananas

And very happy about it.

She was so proud of herself for climbing up there.

She picked up our stir the fire stick and got a little sooty (it wasn't hot at the time, just dirty)

Asleep on the chair! Oh to be able to sleep anywhere like a baby.
I really enjoyed getting to spend time with my friend, so I think next year we will take a day trip or two out to spend time with them and get all the good parts of the "camping" experience without the actual camping part of it. :)

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  1. paige lets go for a walk in the woods, find a nice quiet spot , take off your jeans and panties, lay you down and see how tight that sweet little bum is