Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Fun at the Zoo

We went to the Edmonton Zoo yesterday with a friend and her 3 kids and Naomi and it was TONS of fun, so I thought I'd share the pictures. :)

Naomi showing Lucy how to pet the goat

It took her a bit, but she finally seemed to quite enjoy it. :)

Chasing the rooster.

It was muddy and for some reason Lucy thought that if she held her hands up it would keep her from getting dirty.

She was chasing the chicken going, "I need chicken"

Riding in the stroller like Christopher

A cute little squirrel that wanted our lunch

It kept trying to steal Zoe's pb&j
Smiles from Zoe

Looking at the birds

Playing in the cave
 Afterwards we had to have a bath so we played with glow sticks in it (thank you Pintrest). They were awesome!

I also took a couple of pics on Monday evening that I will share.
Making frozen yogurt popsicles. 

Helping me make biscuits

Christopher sleeping on the couch. (I'm not sure how to flip it so it looks right, but you get the idea)