Monday, 30 July 2012

Toenails, Ribs and More!

Some fun stuff we've been doing since camping!

Mr. Cool

Enjoying her first taste of ribs. They were a hit.

She even ate them like a pro, arm wipe and all. :)

Christopher enjoyed chewing on a bone, too.

Amanda styling with Silas's hat.

Lucy getting her toes done.

She had so much fun. She kept saying "my turn, my turn."

She couldn't decide so we put soccer balls on one foot and ladybugs on the other.

Helping me blow on them so they would dry.

Showing off her peach.

Putting money in the offering at church.

Getting so big! He rolled completely over today for the first time. 

Leland, Kaden, Lucy and Christopher. Leland and Kaden are  two of the other high risk pregnancies that were in the Alex with me.  All 11 of our babies are healthy, happy and growing well. :)

Tabitha and Leland visiting us all the way from Grand Prairie!! It was so great to get to see her today and meet the little man.


  1. I would love to take off her pants and panties and see her peach