Thursday, 19 July 2012

U-Picking Fun and More!

We went u-picking on Wednesday and it was a blast!  I took a bunch of pictures. :)
Christopher in his jolly jumper for the first time!

With that smile, I think anything's possible! :)

Petting a little chick with Naomi.

She was so gentle and just loved the little guys.

Petting one of the goats

Holding a chick! We kept having to remind her to be gentle and not squeeze, but she did really well.

Holding a different one.  Poor kid would chase them around for a long time trying to catch one so she could hold it.
She never managed to catch them, but we kept her in good supply. :)

The goat thought she tasted good.

The goats were so fat that we thought they were pregnant. :/

Petting a sheep.

Sitting on the "train." It never went anywhere, but she sure enjoyed sitting on it talking about riding it. :)

She was "riding" the alligator. It obviously wasn't going anwywhere and she kept saying "not working, Mommy."

Having a lot of fun riding the horse.

Enjoying yogurt pops after we got home.

We have also had other fun things happen in the past couple of days and these are the pictures from those adventures. :)

Reading books with Naomi

Naomi is SO good with her! And Lucy just love getting to hang out with a "big" kid

Christopher watching the rain.

First taste of watermelon! He loved it.

Lucy got in the action and offered him a taste of strawberry.

When he was finished with his piece...Just kidding. :)

Liam enjoying watching Christopher in the jolly jumper.

Mr. Man is growing up so fast!

Enjoying his carrots, between having carrots for lunch and dinner he had almost a whole jar of them! He was super hungry.

Liam and his favorite food!

Lucy enjoying some watermelon.

Showing off her "glasses"

Painting with sidewalk paint (thank you Pintrest!)

Lucy was quite the artist.

Liam had a lot of fun painting, too!

My first Saskatoon berries!!!  I have finally managed to grow something in my yard!!!!

A close-up just in case you didn't see them in the first picture! I'm so proud of them!

Painting the rocks.

Christopher enjoying watching.

Lucy "helping" Liam put rocks in his paint.

He dumped all his paint out, so he thought he'd use some of Lucy's.

He was so proud of himself for being able to reach it without getting up. :)

What it looked like when it dried.

Enjoying yogurt pops.

Mmmm, crunchy!

Stylin in Lucy's hat. :)
That's what we've been up to for the past few days. Hope you enjoyed sharing the experience with us. :)

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  1. so adorable thx for saying im good with her i am good with her