Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Tough Day

 Today and yesterday have been tough days for me. I've had a migraine I can't seem to get rid of, it's been hot (my house feels like an oven most of the day), I've been really busy, and I really haven't slept well at all.  But it is good at the same time because it has really forced me to go back to trusting in God for the strength to get through it all and realize that they are short-term complaints and I have so many blessings in my life that I need to refocus on. :)  And one of the blessings at the moment is that it's raining so it's so nice and cool in my living room! I also got to spend the afternoon with a wonderful friend and her baby, and I got to hang out with Liam again (I've really missed him over the summer as he's been on vacation a lot). Both my kids are also happily in bed and I'm headed there quickly. :) So I will share a few of the pictures I've taken over the last couple of day to celebrate more blessings I have.

Silas playing with Christopher at one of our playgroups.

Lucy playing at playgroup.

Mr. Man playing at playgroup. :)

A couple from today
Christopher enjoying his first baby mummum. He was actually quite good at getting it in his mouth.

Lucy telling her sheep all about the rain outside.  She kept saying,"Sheep, see the purple rain. Where'd the purple rain go?" She's going to have so much fun with Christopher once he's old enough to teach things!


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