Thursday, 5 July 2012

Days 3 and 4 of Potty Training

Day 3

Started off really hard. We were up almost all night with Lucy refusing to get off her potty.  She finally came to bed with me around 3 and got about 4 hours of sleep.  She wouldn't let me put a diaper on her or anything, just wanted to sit on her potty. :(
This was my I'm-up-but-barely face.
She refused to get off her potty ALL day.  No nap, just sitting on her potty watching Franklin (I finally put on French Franklin so I could convince myself she was at least working on learning a second language). She really didn't seem to notice the difference to be honest, makes you wonder what goes on inside a 2 year old's head.
This is her watching Franklin
She sat there for so long she had red marks all over her bum. :(

He was just so happy I had to take a picture. :)
Thankfully Brittany came home in the afternoon so I could go out and pick up some groceries so I didn't lose my mind!  This is how they looked when I got home
Still sitting there watching Franklin.  Then everyone was off to bed.  She finally let me put her in a diaper so we all got a decent night's sleep!

Day 4

We started off today well rested.  But Lucy decided that she was going to firmly plan herself on the upstairs toilet (better at least).  So I called my paediatricians office and ask what I should do.  They suggested that I take her off the potty and take her somewhere fun, so I called my friend Yvonne and asked if we could go hang out in her back yard as a break.  So I packed everything up (potty, diaper bag, kitchen sink, etc), put panties on my screaming 2 year old and loaded her in the van with everything else.  And off we went.  The entire way there she kept saying she wanted to "go pee pee on the potty" and I told her she could hold it for the 5 min drive.  And when we got there I set up the potty for her on their deck and there she perched.  So I layed out her juice and donut on the picnic table to try and entice her off the potty.  Then we just went on with enjoying the sunshine and left her sitting there. It only took about 10 minutes and she was off and running around and enjoying her food!
Off her potty for the first time in 2 days!!!
And she didn't have any issues wanting to just stay there the rest of the day. :)  And we had ZERO accidents today!!! So in the end it was a great day. :)
Taking a very short break from playing to read a book while she went. :)
And to top it all off, I got the very first giggles out of Christopher this evening!  So after I eat my nightly cookie I'm going to bed one very happy mommy!!

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