Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Our Last Week or So

It has been a crazy busy little while so this will probably be a quick post with lots of pictures and very little commentary. It's 97F or 36C in my bedroom right now, so I'm kinda avoiding going to bed, too, but unfortunately I can't put it off forever. :(

Fun in the bathtub with Silas!
Silas had a lot of fun drawing on himself with the bathtub crayons

And on Lucy

I think he could have a back-up career option as tatoo artist, he was really good. :)

Last Saturday we (myself and two very wonderful friends) refinished my dining table. It was a lot of fun and looks amazing!  And is so much easier to clean now!!!

Working Hard

Christopher watching the progress from his Bumbo

Finished product. We only redid the top and it matches the original
finish on the rest of the table and everything!
At Sunday School. For the summer she gets to be with the big kids.

They went to the park for part of Sunday School.
  We have had a rough week potty training, but things are getting better. :)

This is how Lucy has slept most of her week. :( But we're finally back in the bed!

She was giving Christopher "snuggles" with her special blanket but still wanted to suck on the soother. :)
It has been SO hot here lately so here are some pictures related to that.

My coconut oil is staying in a liquid state.

We have started pretty much just living on popsicles partly because of the heat and partly because I think it's really cute to watch Lucy eat them. :)

Hanging out at the spray park. Notice Christopher's super cute hat. :)  Sarah's looking great, too. ;)

Liam exploring. 

Not sure what to make of being sprayed by the wind shifting.

Such a cutie!

Lucy enjoying the water.
So now you're caught up with the happenings in our world. :)


  1. Love the pictures from the spray park! It was great fun cooling off there :)

    1. Liam is so photogenic, his pictures always turn out great!

  2. fun day. liam and lucy had a fun time i see

  3. silas I think I need to come teach you what to do when you have a sweet little girl like her giving you free access to her holes