Saturday, 14 July 2012

Summer Fun

I think this post is mostly going to be pictures also.  It has still been quite hot here, but we're having fun in spite of it. :)  I didn't think that I had been taking very many pictures, but I just reorganized them in anticipation of posting them and realized that I have quite a enjoy!

Snuggling with the teddy bear, it's the only way I can sneak out of bed in the morning.

Wearing Uncle Al's glasses. We have a similar picture of Lucy at this age. :)

My poor teething little man, he wasn't quite sure what to make of Sophie but chewed on her for a while.

July 12, 2012 hail from the big storm we had. It had been in the yard for 4 hours already and  this is how much was left.

More hail. Definitely didn't expect to wake up to a white yard in July. :)

Riding the train with Liam to the Leg to get wet!

Such a cute little man. The water was the perfect depth for him to crawl in.

Our ball had a hole in it, but Lucy still really enjoyed playing with it.

Dirty face and enjoying splashing.

Playing with Liam.

My cute little man wearing a swim suit for the first time.

Sarah and Liam, I really like this picture!

Zoe having fun splashing.

After the ball.

Lucy throwing the ball.

Sharing the ball with Zoe.

Emy all smiles.

Liam and our poor deflated ball.

Such a cute little man. Can't believe how fast he's growing up.

Zoe enjoying the water. It was so fun watching her explore everything.

Getting ready to go. Jennifer and her kids.

Lucy was so happy to hold Christopher.

She patted him on the chest.

And patted him on his bum.

And held his hand. She is such a good big sister and he seems to love her so much! I feel so blessed to have such wonderful kids.

Trying so hard to roll over. He's got it in his crib but can't seem to do it on the floor.

Lucy playing with our slide. It sprays water!

Washing her feet.

She wasn't really interested in going down, just washing her feet.

She had a lot of fun with that though. :)

And washing her hands. 

Happy little man enjoying the sunshine.

Such a sweet little guy!
So that is our last few days.  I am really enjoying this summer, Lucy is old enough to have a lot of fun with and Christopher is just so happy to be along for the ride. :)

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  1. looks like you guys had a good day. liam sure had fun in the pool